4MEX - machining and processing of metal sheets

4Mex sheet metal forming - TruPunch4MEX s.r.o. is producer of precise metal sheet components on best-in-class CNC machines by TRUMPF (TruPunch, TruBend) for all-embracing processing of the metal sheet components.

We offer almost any possibilities for CNC processing of the metal sheets thanks to combination of conventional cutting, pressing, and edging of the metal sheets. We use CNC punching, cutting and perforating for precise division of the metal sheets.

With the use of the state-of-the-art CNC technology by
we can also shape the metal sheets (e.g. threading and production of thread necks), shaped embossing, pressing of reinforcement channels, and ventilation ribs.

We perform in forming and machining of flat (plate) metal materials: punching – cutting – perforating – forming (reinforcement channel embossing and shaped embossing, necks for threading) – threading – marking and stamping – edging – deburring

We now have in our stable production programme some
unused production capacity – do not hesitate to contact us!